Product Details

The Cobb DRT Plus mountain bike saddles are the answer to the long distance racers needs. As we studied the offroad/ Xterra racing needs we soon discovered that a lot of racers were doing 5+ hour rides and that even with dual suspension, they needed a better landing pad for the seat. The Plus model incorporates our best memory foam with water proof stitching and UV protection to help give a great saddle that will last for hours and hours of competition. The Plus DRT mountain bike saddle has a special shaped nose section to give more clearance when sliding forward and a longer top section to create a longer landing area. The Plus saddle comes with CrnTi hollow rails for extreme service and a Kevlar rear for cover protection. If your riding a long way, this is the saddle to have, if you ride a hardtail, this is definitely your choice of saddle. The DRT Plus mountain bike seat weighs 275 grams and is available in a dark grey w/black Kevlar or white w/ black Kevlar. This seat will disappear underneath you.