Product Details

Light weight mountain bike saddle with narrow nose and relief channel technology.

Cobb Cycling spent a year researching the needs of the offroad / Xterra racer. After reviewing the needs of dual suspension riders and hardtail riders, John Cobb developed mountain bike saddles that will perform for these racers. The SHC series is a light weight saddle that is known to be durable and comfortable. It contains Kevlar in the critical areas of impact, waterproof stitching and UV blockers under the cover to help give the saddles a long life. After studies showed how a rider needs to move on the saddle, off the front and off the back to help with climbing and descending, the nose and the rear area were designed to help aid in these movements. Clothing hanging on the seat, is distracting and dangerous, therefore, John built in “thigh guides” to help with this, and you will notice the rounded bottom side of the nose helps to make smooth transitions. The DRT SHC weighs 205 grams and is available in Black or White with the rear Kevlar in Black.