Product Details

The Plus 2 is an updated version of our venerable Plus seat. As our go-to seat for many years, we didn’t want to mess with a good thing, but Jon Cobb is a tinkerer by birth. Most notably we gave it a slightly softer foam to make it even more comfortable than the original. We also sculpted the edges of the seat base and changed a few seams to reduce chafing. Some minor weight loss from the reshaped base was a great added benefit too.

We’re sure that we’ll still recommend this seat for the widest variety of riders and riding events. It’s just that good. It has a greater adjustable range now with a change to longer seat rails. It is also now compatible with rear mounted hydration systems.



  • Front width 40 mm
  • Rear width 130 mm
  • Relief channel 16 x 93 mm
  • Full seat length 275 mm
  • Weight 292 g

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